The Israeli company responsible for developing and building the world’s first marine-engine powered vehicle has just received a new government contract.

Israel’s Polar Engine Corporation has been awarded a $500 million contract to supply a fleet of sea-going electric marine-turbine engines to help fuel Israeli and Israeli-owned marine oil tankers operating in the Mediterranean.

Polar is a subsidiary of the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) and is headed by the former IEC chairman and current head of the company, Ido Ziv, and has been contracted for the project by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Polar has been building marine-powered engines for decades, but its current work is the first of its kind in the world, said Ido, who was recently appointed head of IEC’s marine-engineering division.

The project, called The Sea Horse, will supply an electric marine engine to the Israeli navy.

The company is also working with a consortium of Israeli companies that also built and delivered a sea-powered jet engine in Israel in 2008.

The Sea Horse project, Ziv said, will help the IDF maintain its naval capabilities.

The Sea Horses, the IDF said, are “a crucial component” of Israel’s sea-borne capabilities and are used in operations against sea mines.

The development of these powerful engines was vital to Israel’s defense capability in the 1980s, said Ziv.

In 2007, he added, Israel received a contract to build an electric sea-based engine to replace its aging fleet of diesel-powered seaplanes.

Israel is currently developing a number of seaplanes that will use a variety of technologies.

The country is also developing a diesel-electric jet that could be used in the future as a medium-range aircraft.

The project is still in its infancy, but Ziv has said that it could soon be operational.

Ziv is an avid sailor, with a passion for the sea and a deep understanding of maritime technology, including the ocean, seaplanes and submarines.

His background in marine engineering has made him a natural choice for the job of leading the Sea Horse effort, Isobel Lissner, a partner at the Ziv Group, told The Jerusalem Times.

The work is part of the Israeli Defense Force’s (IDFA) maritime engineering program, which was established in 2014 to improve maritime defense capabilities.

Lissner said that Polar’s work is expected to produce “a high-tech engine that will enable the IDF to provide the IDF with the most effective, modernized, and modernized naval vessel.”

The Sea-Horse project is part the Defense Ministry’s naval modernization program, she added.

The IDF has been developing new and upgraded ships for decades.

In 2014, the IAEA reported that Israel’s fleet of submarines had been reduced to about 30 ships.

Israel currently operates a fleet that includes a fleet at the Negev, a navy of around 2,500 boats, which is under construction and expected to be completed in 2020.

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