What can be done to prevent the oceans becoming a toxic wasteland?

A major report has been released which shows that pollution levels are increasing around the world.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said it is a clear sign of the times and called for an urgent halt to global warming. 

According to the report, the oceans are at “the tipping point” as global emissions continue to increase.WWF said it would look into the environmental consequences of the global warming crisis and warned that this was “the greatest environmental challenge of our time”.

“We know the world’s oceans are warming.

They are warming faster than the planet itself.

They need to keep warming, but we don’t know how much and how much fast,” said WWF campaigner Phil Smith.”

We can do something about it.

The sooner we do, the better off we are.”WWF is calling on governments and private companies to step up their environmental awareness and take urgent action to stop global warming in the near future.”

In the next few decades, we are likely to see an unprecedented increase in ocean acidification, which threatens the livelihoods of many of our oceans’ life-sustaining marine life,” said Smith.

“The rapid rate of increase in the amount of acidification is already having a profound impact on the oceans and will continue to do so for decades to come.”

The report also said that more than a third of all species of marine life in the oceans were at risk of disappearing, due to ocean acidity.

“These findings are sobering and call for urgent action,” said Joanna Coyle, director of WWF-UK’s marine research program.

“The oceans are a critical habitat for more than 250 million people, and we cannot ignore the impact acidification has on them.”WWFF said the report was an opportunity to highlight how our actions can help protect the oceans, while also addressing the causes of global warming and the impact on ecosystems.

It also called for a “global commitment” to reduce the amount and intensity of carbon emissions that cause climate change, and called on governments to adopt “green” energy sources.

The WWF also said the amount carbon dioxide was being emitted into the atmosphere was “significantly” increasing, while that of the oceans was decreasing.

“It is clear that we need to address climate change and its impact on our planet in the immediate future,” said Coyle.

“However, it is also clear that these issues are likely not going to be solved by any of the existing methods, which are largely unregulated and largely unregulated.”

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