Posted October 27, 2018 07:04:17There have been some rumors about a possible sequel to the 2011 film ‘God of Egypt’, but with the production of ‘God Of Egypt 2’ not going anywhere, I’d say we’re just waiting on the final version of the script.

According to the director of the project, Mark L. Schafer, the film will be set in the 20th century, but it won’t be a continuation of the film’s mythology.

He also teased that there will be no sequel, but rather an “extraquel.” 

The new version of God Of Egypt will follow the story of the Egyptian god Amun, who is cursed by the gods for being a sorcerer.

Amun travels to the distant kingdom of Uruk in the Middle East, where he is given a golden mask that allows him to cast a spell on the gods of the gods in order to win their favor. 

Lam’s original script called for the god to be a sorcerer, but this is what he ended up with. 

Schafer told Entertainment Weekly that the new film will focus on Amun’s journey to the kingdom of Ur.

The film’s plot will revolve around the gods, with Amun trying to unite the nations of Egypt and the Levant by convincing them to become one.

He will eventually make his way to the Levant to find the legendary golden mask. 

“The original version of this story is about an Egyptian sorcerer, Amun.

We’re using a new version, and we’re going to be using it to tell a story about a different Egyptian sorcerer,” he said.

“The story of Amun will also have an Egyptian element, so it’s not the Egyptian sorcerer that’s the main character.

There will be a new Egyptian sorcerer.”

Schafer also confirmed that the film won’t feature any female leads. 

The director added that the production team will have to come up with the final screenplay before they can start filming. 

God Of Egyptian 2 is set to be released in 2017, and will be directed by Peter Berg.