In early 2013, Volvo had been on the verge of becoming the world leader in electric vehicle sales.

Its electric vehicles were the most popular in the U.S. and other developed markets, and Volvo had a massive market share.

That changed the past few years, however, when the electric vehicle industry started to falter.

The industry lost more than a million jobs in the past three years, and in the meantime, the number of electric vehicles on the roads has plummeted to less than 1 percent of the total.

Volvo’s carmaker, Volvo Cars, is the world-leading electric vehicle maker.

The company, which makes the V90, is also a major player in the marine industry.

“We’ve been the first to develop and build the world, then we’re the ones getting the last laugh,” says Volvo CEO Bjorn Lomborg.

Volvo has also taken a big gamble by developing the V60, a more powerful and fuel-efficient version of the company’s electric vehicle.

The V60 is expected to be unveiled in early 2016, but the company is still struggling to sell the cars.

In March, Volvo announced that it would be discontinuing production of the V70 electric car in 2017.

“Our goal is to go back to a pure electric vehicle in 2020,” says Lomborg, whose company plans to produce up to 10,000 V70s a year, starting in 2019.

“It will be the last Volvo.”

Volvo is also facing growing competition from other major players, such as General Motors and Nissan, in the electric car market.

The carmaker says that it plans to make up to 100,000 EVs a year by 2020.

“The challenge we’re facing now is not only a shortage of vehicles but also a shortage in charging infrastructure,” Lomborg says.

Volvo plans to install charging stations at more than 100 of its more than 3,200 marine facilities in the future, but it still has to get all the equipment installed in its new plants.

Volvo is investing heavily in the development of electric cars in the wake of the global economic crisis, and Lomborg believes that the company has made progress in the last year.

“Volvo has been in the industry for a long time, but our progress has been limited,” he says.

“When you look at the history of the electric vehicles, there was a lot of pressure on the industry.

Lomborg predicts that electric vehicles will be a huge part of the future for Volvo. “

As we look ahead, we see the future of the industry is a very positive one.”

Lomborg predicts that electric vehicles will be a huge part of the future for Volvo.

“You will see more and more people using electric cars and that will create a lot more demand for Volvo’s electric vehicles,” he said.

“They will also provide a lot easier access to the world for the company.”

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