The world is watching as the first of three large ships that are due to leave the Port of Fremantle on Saturday.

The ship, the first to be built in Australia, is the world’s biggest diesel engine and will carry up to 1,300 tonnes of fuel.

It is also Australia’s first ship to carry out its maiden voyage in the sea.

It will be joined later in the year by two other diesel engines.

Mr Geddes said the ship would be able to make up to 5,500 tonnes of diesel a day.

“It will be the first diesel engine to be launched into the sea, and it’s going to be the only diesel ship in the world that will be carrying diesel fuel,” he said.

“There will be some restrictions on that but we’ll have some flexibility.”

The diesel engine, which has been used in more than 200,000 diesel-powered vessels, is built by Australian engineering firm Electronis and will be powered by three Cummins V8 engines.

The engine is designed to be capable of running a maximum speed of about 100 knots, a range that is more than double the range of the previous-generation diesel engines that were used in the United Kingdom’s nuclear submarine fleet.

Mr Geddess said the engines were being built to meet the requirements of the Navy’s newest submarine fleet, which is being designed to operate from the Australian port of Fremont, which can accommodate more than 80 diesel-electric submarines.

“The new submarine fleet will be built at Fremantle, which will be able handle up to 90 diesel-hydraulic submarines,” he told the ABC.

Ahead of the launch, Mr Guddes said diesel engines had been built for years in Australia.

“What we’ve got here is something that’s built to last for hundreds of years,” he noted.

He said the ships would have about 80 crew members, including engineers and engineers engineers.

During the first voyage of the new ship, it will be towed to the surface for maintenance and repairs, which are expected to take about 10 days.

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