In January, the Deere Marine Engine Company said its marine engine was undergoing a “critical maintenance” in the Gulf of Mexico, which it called “the most challenging, complex, and challenging period of maintenance in its history.”

That maintenance included installing an additional turbine, replacing a number of parts, and replacing the fuel system.

“Due to the nature of our marine engine maintenance, our maintenance personnel will be working during normal hours and are able to perform a number on-site and remotely-controlled maintenance tasks,” the company said in a statement.

“While this is not a normal maintenance process, the continued presence of these maintenance personnel is necessary to ensure the integrity and operation of our engine.”

The company said the engine is expected to be able to resume operation soon.

Deere’s stock has lost about 2% of its value in 2017, according to FactSet.

The company is the world’s largest producer of marine engines.

The U.S. Marine Corps also had the Marine Corps Marine Engine Engine Corporation (MCMEEC) in 2016, and the Marine Engineering & Propulsion Corporation in 2015.

The Marine Engineering Corp. has more than 2,300 employees in the U.K., Germany, Australia, and Norway.

The Navy had a separate Marine Engine Engineering Corp., the Navy Marine Engineering, in 2007.

The Air Force has two separate Marine Marine Engine Engines and the Air Force Marine Engine & Propulsors Corporation.

Marine engines are typically used for underwater propulsion, but the Marine Engine and Propulsion Division has the Marine Aircraft Engine (MAFEC) for maritime applications.