There was a huge roar as the sea monster arrived on the beach on Thursday morning.

A huge sea serpent, a rare creature that has been seen in the sea for the last 100 years, was spotted at about 5.30am.

Sea snakes are often mistaken for giant sea serpents and they have been sighted all over the world, but it was the first time this year that they had been seen at Southampton.

It was a little later when a couple of the sea snakes began to climb into the water, as it appeared they were not the normal sea serpent but a different creature.

It was at this point that a local resident stepped in to catch them and took them to a local aquarium.

“It was amazing,” he said.

He said he was standing by the aquarium when a sea serpent emerged and approached him.

I told him, ‘there is something on the sand’ and it grabbed me.

My first reaction was I thought it was a big snake, but as it was so close to me, I didn’t think anything of it.

But then it started to climb up and the moment it was close to my hand it started shaking it.

Its a little scary, because there’s a lot of people who see it, and then people are scared of it, but I don’t know how people would be able to catch it.

I just had to be careful.

After I had caught it, the man told me it was probably a large sea serpent and that it was really dangerous, as he feared the snakes would get too close to his hands.

But as the man was getting closer to it, it began to grow up and grow bigger and bigger, and it started lifting it’s head, and its eyes started to open up, so I started shaking.

And then it was like ‘we have got to go and get out’.

The man was afraid of the snakes and he decided to run away, and that’s when I was scared as well.

The sea serpent’s owner is now going to give it a chance to grow bigger, he said, but he doesn’t think he will get any bigger than he is now.

A local man had seen the sea serpent on the same day that he caught it.

“I went there and I saw it and I said ‘this is a real snake’, and then I thought, ‘what is this, what is this?’,” he told the BBC.

They said the man had been bitten by the sea snake, and a few minutes later, he saw the snake jump in front of the aquarium.

“It got a bit scared and ran off, but that’s what I’ve seen before.

I’ve had snakes jump in the water before, but not to this degree.”

The man said that he was surprised to find that the sea creature had been able to crawl on the sands.

“This sea snake is really small and very slow, but then it would climb up on top of me, so then I had to run,” he added.

Local resident Chris Thomas said that the creature was not a huge one, and he had seen similar ones on the South West Coast.

“But it’s a sea snake so I can’t be too sure, it would have to be an extremely large one,” he explained.

Despite the dangers of the creatures, he added that people were having a lot more fun watching the sea creatures, and there was nothing to deter them from trying to capture them.

“Everyone’s just going to go, ‘hey, I’m here, let’s get this sea snake’.” He added that the people who had seen it were happy that the man has a chance of getting one too.

“He’s had no trouble getting one.

People just want to go out and catch them,” he noted.

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