The marine engine salvage market is a lucrative sector that is also a hotbed of controversy, with companies and politicians alike blaming each other for the high prices and high risk associated with the business.

Key points:The Marine Engine Supply Market, commonly known as the engine market, is booming, with manufacturers competing to supply Australia’s fleet of diesel engines for the next 20 yearsA major defence contractor has raised the possibility of a major contract to supply Australian marine enginesThe Federal Government has announced it will provide up to $30 billion to buy up to 70 per cent of the engine supply market, which is expected to generate $10 billion a year for the Government.

But there is still debate about how the market is managed.

A report published by the Australian Defence Force’s Defence Review Panel in April 2016 said the Government should create a single, government-run supply chain for marine engines, as well as develop an industry standard framework for marine engine manufacturing.

The Panel’s report, published at the end of March, said the Federal Government should consider providing a single supply chain that provides the same level of reliability and efficiency for the whole of the industry as it does for diesel engines.

“The industry will be able to build a more robust, predictable, and secure supply chain,” the report said.

But in May 2016, the Government announced a $10 million investment to develop a framework for the supply of marine engines.

In a joint statement with the Government on Wednesday, the two sides said the Australian Government would support industry in developing the Marine Engine Recovery Act, which will provide a framework to support marine engine recovery and ensure that the Australian industry is protected from a repeat of the global diesel engine supply crisis.

The Government said it would provide $1.9 billion over three years to the Marine Engines Supply Coalition to help it develop a new supply chain framework.

The Coalition is proposing to give the industry a $50 million loan guarantee.


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