The Seattle City Council approved a $2.5 billion expansion to SeaTec’s Everett terminal, and the city is poised to begin construction later this year on the $100 million expansion.

The plan calls for the addition of a new hangar, as well as a new water and sewer facility, parking garage, and a new freight facility.

The SeaTacs currently use the old airport, but will now use the new one.

Construction on the expansion, which will be complete by 2025, is expected to begin later this month.

Read more at The SeaTs plan to spend $1.5bn to expand the airport in 2019.

The new hangar will be located on the south side of the airport, and will have the capacity to accommodate 7,500 people.

The water and sewage facility will be added later, and it will have a capacity of 6,000 people, according to a report in the Seattle Times.

The proposed hangar will cost $2 million, and would be paid for through federal funds.

A new water, sewer, and freight facility will cost another $500,000, according the report.

Construction of the new facility will begin in 2019 and will take about a year.

A city statement says that the airport expansion is a first step toward becoming a global hub for air travel, with the airport currently serving about 600 passengers a day, and an estimated 8,000 flights per day.

The expansion will create jobs, improve traffic flow, and enhance the airport’s ability to service new and existing airlines.

The city also says the expansion will support the regional economy by supporting the region’s aerospace and manufacturing industry.

“The expansion will have direct benefits for the region, including the increased availability of transportation for regional and local transportation,” the statement said.

The Seattle Times also reports that the SeaTAC project will cost about $1 billion.

The project will be funded through a federal stimulus package that also includes $1bn for the Seattle Regional Transportation Authority.

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