What the WANKEL engine is made of and why it can do so much more than it was designed to do

When WANkel Marine Engine Co. was first developed in 1976, the design was simple: a propeller and a motor.

It’s got the same basic design as the Jet engine that powered the World War II fighter jets.

The WANKAE’s engine is a unique hybrid that can be designed in many different ways to take on the diverse needs of various marine applications.

For example, the Wankel is used in offshore wind turbines, which are designed to generate power without the need for a turbine.

They can be used for power production, but there are other uses for the Wano engine, too.

The engine can also be used in aircraft and other stationary machinery, such as a helicopter.

This is where WANkeller’s engine gets a bit of an upgrade.

The first WANKEller that went into production was the Wanda Jet Engine, which was built by a Japanese company in 1984.

The jet engine is based on the Japanese engine but it’s a lot bigger, which allows it to achieve much higher power outputs than the jet engine.

And the Wanna engine also has a much wider range of applications, allowing it to power everything from small boats to large warships.

The size of the engine means it can run at high pressures, which is important in situations where the pressure is too high to safely push the engine forward.

The pressure at the end of the jet can then be lowered to a safe level, so the engine can be operated without having to manually lower the pressure.

And when the jet is full of fuel, it can be moved from one position to another, reducing pressure drops.

WANker engines can also produce more power than conventional engines in certain applications.

But in addition to all this, they also offer significant environmental benefits, because the engine produces very little CO 2 emissions.

They are also able to operate for years without needing a re-fueling cycle, and the WANNEN engine has a lifespan of at least 30 years.

The biggest downside of WANkels is the weight.

It weighs in at about 20 tonnes.

But there are several other advantages to WAN kerosene.

The engines can operate at temperatures up to 1,600 degrees Celsius, which means the engines can go for a long time without needing re-fuelling.

They have the lowest operating pressure of any aviation engine.

There are also the advantages of the Wannkeller, such the ability to be built in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

So if you’re looking to build a boat or a ship, it may be a good idea to consider WANken. AAP

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