A seawater engine is on a boat owned by the Coast Guardsmen of the Puget Sound.

The engine was pulled from the water by a Coast Guard helicopter in a matter of minutes, according to the Coast’s website.

The Coast said in a statement the “motor boat engine” was being towed to the Pugay River to be inspected for corrosion.

The coast said it was inspected by the Federal Aviation Administration and is now awaiting a review.

A Coast Guard spokesperson told ABC News that the Coast was unaware of the engine being on the boat and that it was being examined.

The website for the Coast said the engine was towed to Puget Strait, which is an island in the Pacific Ocean, by a tugboat from the Coast, who then “uncoiled and pulled the boat safely to shore.”

The Coast is one of the three major Coast Guard departments, along with the Coastguard, National Guard and Navy.

The three agencies handle coastal and inland areas of the U.S. and Canada, including the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

The agency is responsible for managing the safety of the public.

The Puget Islands are a popular tourist destination and commercial fishing grounds for many fish species, including sea bass and shrimp.

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