An Australian marine engineering vessel is set to join the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s fleet in time for the 2019 Australian summer holiday.

Key points:The Marine Engineering ship will join the ASSA’s shipyard fleet at a cost of $200mThe Australian Maritime Rescue and Search Agency (AMRSA) is looking for vessels that can respond to disastersThe shipyard, called the Larkin, will operate in a variety of roles from shipyard maintenance to rescue operationsThe vessel will join ASSA and the AMRSA’s fleet at the end of 2019, and will be based in Adelaide.

The vessel is designed to operate in two roles.

The first is to perform maintenance of the ASsa’s ships.

The second is to rescue vessels.

The Australian Navy has also been looking for a replacement for the ageing Larkins, and is working with the AMSSA on a feasibility study for a second ship.

The AMSSM is looking to hire vessels that have proven their capability in both the maritime and rescue operations.

“The Maritime Rescue Team is looking at a number of candidates for the second vessel,” said Kevin Larkin, AMSSC vice president of ship operations.”[We are] hoping that these applicants will provide us with the capabilities we need to respond to an emergency situation and to the rescue mission.”

The first vessel will be the Larkson, which will be used for both maritime rescue and shipyard work.

“It’s a very well-established vessel,” Mr Larkin said.

“We know what the LARKIN is about, so we’re really excited about it.”

The AMSA will have the option of using a smaller, less powerful vessel called the Australian Shipbuilding Corporation (ASC) or a more powerful vessel like the BIS, which is currently operating at sea in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Mr Larkin says that the AMSA has been keen to get the Larchin out to sea and that it is a good fit for the AMSAA.

“There are a number boats that are capable of carrying out both rescue and maintenance,” he said.”[The Larchins] have a number more capabilities and the ASA has a capability to be able to go back and do some additional work and help out on the rescue missions.”

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