The US marine engineering job market is expected to see an increase in hiring in the coming weeks, with more applicants and job postings expected to go live online this week.

According to data from recruiting firm Glassdoor, the marine engine and marine engine antifeelant engine manufacturers have been posting their latest hiring trends since January.

The number of openings has grown by over 5,000 since January, Glassdoor reported, with a total of 6,979 openings at the end of last month.

The most recent job postings are posted on the company’s website, but the company also says that it has already reached over 7,000 applications and is seeking applications from potential employees.

“There is no shortage of interest from companies looking for a highly qualified and motivated person to join the marine engineering team,” the company said.

“This is one of the largest engineering jobs available in the US, and we have many open positions.”

Glassdoor, which provides job-hunting and job-matching services to businesses and individuals, reported that the majority of its recent hiring trends came from the aerospace, defense and military industries.

Glassdoor said that in February, the US Marine Corps posted a job listing for a marine engineer.

According for the same month, the Department of Defense also posted its latest job posting.

Glassware said that its data showed that the job market for marine engineers is “hot” with applications up over 9,000% over the past year, and that applications have reached over 6,000 per day in the last week.

The job openings are expected to grow, as the number of applicants grows, and as companies seek more and more qualified candidates to fill vacancies.

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