Seattle —  The U.S. Navy is trying to build a new kind of Marine Engine fuel-efficient jet engine that could provide fuel for its warships.

The Navy is aiming to build the engine with a new type of polymer fuel cell that can be reused for new engines or for fuel in the Navy’s new ships.

The Navy says the engine is based on a fuel cell, but it is a hybrid system that includes a turbine and a fuel pump.

The engine is powered by a new fuel cell design that uses a fuel-rich polymer fuel.

The Navy wants to put the first new engine on the Navy ships starting next year, but has yet to decide whether it will use it or instead go with another fuel-generating system that the Pentagon has been developing in recent years.

“This is a great opportunity to see what the Navy can do, and to take the next steps in that process,” said Navy Vice Adm.

John C. Hutt, commander of the ship’s Fleet Support Group.

For now, the Navy is focusing on making the engine smaller and lighter, but will eventually expand it to meet Navy requirements, Navy officials said.

It is not clear how much the new fuel cells will cost.