The Navy is considering buying Indian shipyard Vikramaditya for $6 billion

The Indian Navy has floated a tender for the design and construction of an underwater diesel engine for the Vikramadship Vikramaditieship Vikramadhiva, the country’s largest naval vessel.

The tender proposal, which was posted on the Navy’s website on Wednesday, calls for the engine to be manufactured by a company called Bharat Engines Pvt.

Ltd., based in Ahmedabad.

The tender document does not specify a timeline for the tender process, but the tender will be open for public comment for three years from the date of posting.

The Vikramadaship Vikradyadityam Vikriadityaman is a 7,300-tonne (3,500-ton) aircraft carrier that is being built by the Indian Navy.

It will replace the existing INS Vikrant, which is due to be decommissioned in 2019.

The Vikramashaship Vakalikam Vakrama has been built by a consortium of three Indian companies: Bharat Industries, Mahindra and Tata Sons.

It is due for decommissioning in 2019, though it could be built in the future.

The Navy has said the Vikramship Viyushkala Vidyarayana, which will replace it, will be built by Bharat engines.

The Indian Navy is also looking to acquire French-made submarine-hunting submarines, as well as new aircraft.

The navy wants to buy five submarines and one fighter plane.

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