The U.S. Navy’s 787 Dreamliner is going to get a whole lot more sleek.

The new Boeing 767-300ER will sport a carbon fiber exterior, and it will be the first passenger jet to have a more luxurious interior.

The interior will be made from carbon fiber and a lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced polyurethane material.

The Boeing 797-9 Dreamliner, a long-haul commercial airliner, was designed to be lighter than the 737-800, which the Pentagon has touted as a major contender for the 2020 World Cup.

The Dreamliner will be powered by an all-new 767 engine, which will make up 20 percent of the plane’s total output.

The engine has the same type of turbofan that powered the 747-400.

“The 767 is a highly advanced, high-performance engine,” Rear Adm.

William D. Kasten, the chief of the 767 program office, told reporters at the Pentagon.

“It is the only jet engine in the world capable of delivering such significant performance.”

Boeing says the 787 will be capable of flying at an average speed of about 520 knots (914 mph) and carrying about 6,400 passengers.

That puts the plane at a level of speed that can rival the Concorde, which went from takeoff to cruise altitude in just over 10 minutes.

The 787 is expected to be delivered in 2021, though the Pentagon still doesn’t know when it will begin flying commercial.

The company’s new 787-8 will be a slightly smaller plane than the 757, but the difference in size will be significant.

In terms of passenger capacity, the new Boeing 777-300 will offer a capacity of nearly 6,000 passengers and 8,500 seated.

At 5 feet 7 inches (1.8 meters) tall, the 777-100ER is slightly taller than the 777, which is 6 feet 4 inches (0.8 metres) tall.

Aircraft seats have become increasingly popular for larger planes, and the new 777 is expected, in a big way, to help the 7-7.

The 777-200ER, the Boeing 777 X-38, has a cabin that’s larger than the Airbus A380, which also has a large cabin.

Beside the 797, the 775-200 is the largest plane in the fleet.

The 737 MAX will be smaller than the Boeing 737-700 and the 777 MAX is expected in 2022.

As for the new 737 MAX, it will have a bigger wing and fuselage, with a bigger landing gear, but a bigger payload bay.

Boeing is also planning to increase the range of the 737 MAX by an extra 100 seats to meet increasing demand for long-distance air travel.

All of the new 7-Series jets will have the same Pratt & Kettering engines, which power the Boeing 757 and 767.

The Pratt &amps; Ketters will power the 737MAX and the Boeing 747.

It’s likely that the new jets will be sold with the same 737 engines and Pratt &amptons Kettering engine as the 707 and 747.

But Boeing is not disclosing the exact configurations of the jets yet.

To meet rising demand for commercial air travel, Boeing is planning to add a new generation of engines that will provide more lift, according to the company.

According to Boeing, the engine configuration will be based on a 767X-20 and an engine that will power Boeing’s 737 MAX MAX.

Airbus is also expected to introduce two new aircraft this year.

These are the 737 Max, the 737 X, and a 737 MAX X. The planes will have larger engines than the current 767s.

For the 737X, Airbus is adding a new turbojet to the mix.

And Airbus is introducing an upgraded version of the 777.

Unlike the 737 and 757 MAXs, the newer 777 will be designed to meet Boeing’s goals of delivering more than 6,500 seats in the 2020 world cup.

The aircraft will also have a new type of wing that will allow it to fly longer distances, according the company, but will be heavier and more expensive than the older models.

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