Palmer Marine has released the beta of their first engine, the Palmer Beta Engine.

It’s an extremely simple, efficient, and well-built engine.

The Palmer beta was designed from the ground up to be used in small, lightweight and light submarines, with an estimated maximum thrust of 15,000 lbf.

The engine’s performance can be described as “pretty decent”, with an engine that’s “easy to install and use”.

The Palmers beta features four independent fuel injectors and is fully compatible with the Palmers BMS (Boeing Modular Launch System).

In addition, the engine has an onboard hydraulic system, so it can be used with both a standard hydraulic system and a hydraulic-only system.

The Beta engine can be configured to operate from a single water tank and a variety of other configurations.

Palmer has confirmed that the Palms beta is available for pre-order for $299.99 USD.

Palmer Beta Review: Performance, Performance, Power, Fuel injectors, Hydraulic system, Hydraulics, Gas turbines, Hydrailics article Palmer has announced the Palmes beta, a new engine designed for the smaller submarines that will be deployed by the US Navy’s Submarine Research Lab, or SARL.

Palmer claims the Beta will provide an engine with the same performance, power and thrust of the existing Palmers engine, but with more power and torque.

The Palmers Beta is expected to be ready for public testing in the first half of 2020, with the company also promising that the engine will have a range of options that can be adjusted to suit a variety a users needs.

While the Palmels beta engine is only available in its prototype configuration, the company is looking into the possibility of including a standard version in the coming months.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the PalMels beta, you can find the Palmedes beta on the Palmer website.

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