A new wave of marine engines is finally making their way to the water.

But the engines aren’t coming to your neighborhood boat dock.

Instead, they’re coming to an electric marine battery.

And for the next year or so, the engines will only be used in commercial vessels.

So if you’re going to be using them in a vessel, you’ll need to pay extra for the extra power.

The new engine, which the company, Sea Engine Corp., announced this week, is made of aluminum, is rechargeable, and has a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

The company says it has about 40 batteries in development.

“Our goal is to have these engines in the marketplace by 2019, and we expect to have those engines in fleets by 2025,” said Mike McQuarrie, the company’s chief executive.

“Our goal was to get these batteries on the market as quickly as possible.”

Sea Engine, a Boston-based company that makes engines for electric power boats, said it will begin shipping the first electric engines in 2019.

It will also begin offering the engines in some of its smaller vessels.

The first ship to ship an engine is the New York Harbor Venture, a 4,000-foot vessel.

The company has a goal of having 20-25% of its vessels powered by an electric battery by 2040.

The electric batteries will be used by more than 70% of all electric-power boats.

The announcement of the first engine has prompted a flurry of excitement among marine owners, who have been looking for a way to move toward a sustainable future for years.

And the announcement of an electric engine has caught the attention of a new breed of marine engineer, who is also working on the new batteries.

One of the main goals of the new electric engines is to make them cheaper, McQuarbrie said.

He said that the batteries could also make the electric boats more environmentally friendly.

“It makes them much more environmentally sensitive,” he said.

Sea Engine is the latest of a growing number of marine manufacturers that are making electric engines.

The Marine Power Institute (MPI), an environmental group, is also encouraging people to consider using electric engines on their boats.

“There are a lot of other companies who are coming up with a lot more electric engines,” said MPI’s director of marine science, David Fink.

“We just don’t know where it’s going yet.

If it can be done at a very low cost, it’s a good way to start.”

For the next three years, Sea Engines is planning to use batteries in all of its marine power engines.

And it plans to sell them to a number of companies.

The main ones are:Electric Engine Corp. is a Boston company that builds engines for marine power boats.

Its first commercial engine was launched last year, and it is now available for purchase.

It uses lithium-ion batteries, which are rechargeable.

It is also a supplier of batteries to several other manufacturers.

Its newest battery is about 1.5 kilowatts, but it is still a few years away from being ready for commercial use.

In the meantime, there are several companies working on their own batteries.

The marine battery company, Blue Energy, which has offices in New York and Los Angeles, said in a press release it is also looking at a lithium-based battery for the electric marine engine.

The marine battery manufacturer, Green Energy, has been developing a battery for about a year, with the goal of launching its first battery for electric boats by the end of this year.

The goal is 20% of electric-powered boats by 2025.

Green Energy’s new battery is being developed by a consortium of Chinese companies.

“The lithium ion batteries are already in development,” Green Energy spokesman Chris Hwang said.

“They are designed to be rechargeable and do not require any specialized batteries.

We are trying to get the best battery from the Chinese manufacturers.”

Sea Engines has announced that its battery will be available for sale by the middle of 2019.

And there is also an announcement in the pipeline that will enable Green Energy to offer its batteries to other marine power boat makers.

Green Energy is also developing a lithium ion electric power boat.

Its next battery will cost $1,000 and will have a recharge time of three hours.

“The batteries will help the electric boat be more environmentally responsible,” Green President David Bamberger said.

Sea Engining has been in discussions with other marine battery makers.

And Sea Engine is planning on building and selling its first lithium-powered electric boat by the time the batteries are ready for sale.

The battery company’s other major project is a battery-powered power boat that has been tested on a small boat.

It has a range of about 4 miles, but the batteries don’t have a capacity to store the full power of a diesel engine.

The batteries have a high efficiency and can be used to store a lot

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