The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday approved a resolution that would allow a U.K.-based firm to resume its manufacture of antique marine engines and marine engines with advanced technology.

The council approved the measure, known as a “RESOLUTION,” after a session in which countries including the United States, Britain, France, Russia and Germany voiced support for the development of marine engines.

The council also approved a measure calling for the establishment of a working group on marine engine and marine propulsion.

The working group is to be led by the United Kingdom, Russia, China, France and Germany.

The U.B.C. Marine Enginer and Engine Manufacturers Association, which represents marine engine manufacturers, said in a statement that the resolution “marks a significant milestone in our industry’s long history of making innovative, environmentally friendly marine engine products for marine applications.”

The resolution passed unanimously by the council, which has been trying to promote marine engine technology in the past few years.

The industry, which uses marine engines to power ships, is also expected to benefit from the resolution.

The resolution provides for a U,S.-based company to resume production of the engine parts, which have been in production since 1950.

The resolution allows the company to produce up to 1,000 of the marine engine parts for a single year.

In addition, the U.R.I.A. will receive a $500,000 grant for the project.

The working group will have the opportunity to submit a report that will be considered by the UB.

S.-Russia-Germany-China working group.

The United Kingdom is expected to be the second-largest buyer of marine engine components, the report said.

It is currently the third-largest importer.

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