A wave of graduates has emerged in the aerospace engineering field, with one company claiming to have created an underwater diesel engine for use in its autonomous underwater vehicles.

In a report to the Federal Government, a company called MEGENG has claimed to have developed a marine engine that can power underwater vehicles that can drive themselves and can operate without human intervention.

MEGENG said the engine is designed to operate underwater and will be available in 2020.

The company said it will need to be submerged for about 10 years to be ready for commercialisation, but it expects the engine to be able to operate for up to 30 years.

As well as being capable of driving itself, the engine will be able travel underwater and drive around obstacles.

A small amount of diesel fuel will be used for the propulsion system, with a further 20 per cent being used to produce electricity and the rest being used for water-resistant packaging.

With the engine, MEGEN said the company will be the first to commercialise the technology.

It will need the help of a new fleet of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUVs) to make sure the engines can operate.

AUVs are autonomous vehicles that operate autonomously.

According to the company, a team from the UK’s National Maritime Museum and a team in Spain have already tested the engine and the results have been impressive.

“Our autonomous underwater systems are designed to be safe, reliable and dependable,” MEGEng Chief Executive Chris Parsons said in a statement.

“[The engine] is capable of delivering safe power to a small underwater vehicle with a range of up to 100 metres, as well as a small ship, at speeds up to 10 knots.

That’s a significant improvement over previous technologies.”MEGEng said it has developed the engine for underwater vehicles and is in the process of making it operational.

However, the company is not ready to reveal the number of AUVs it has been testing the engine on.

Australian researchers have also successfully tested the technology and are working on making the technology commercially available.

Other companies such as AeroMobil, the US firm behind the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, have already made use of the technology to power their vehicles.

Australia’s biggest marine engine company, Ocean Engineering, has also made a splash in the marine engineering industry.

Sea Engineering, which is based in Melbourne, has won a number of awards, including the Shell Innovator Award for marine engineering in 2014.

Ocean Engineering is also a major player in the offshore power industry.

In 2016, it was awarded $50 million in funding to develop the Sea Energy System, a technology that can produce electricity from the ocean.

Although Sea Engineering has not publicly revealed the number and design of AUV AUVs that it has successfully tested, it has said that they are already in the final stages of development.

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