Posted October 04, 2019 07:06:38 Engineers have described the ongoing containment response to the Mariana Trench spill as “stunning”.

Key points:Dr Peter Henson has been working with marine engineers for more than a decadeThe engineers say the spill has left the South Australian coast in a “tremendous state”There are fears the Marana Trench will spread, as the marine engine industry tries to mitigate the spillThe Mariana trench has already been breached twice, the engineers sayThe engineers have said they are “very concerned” about the current situation.

“There’s been a lot of activity that’s happened around the spill.

It’s very dramatic,” said Dr Peter Hinson, marine engineer at South Australian National Marine Station.”

The current containment response is amazing.

There’s no doubt about that.””

The situation is so severe that we’re still trying to get the right number of vessels to get there.”‘

Very worrying’There are concerns the Maranda Trench could spread, with the engineers saying the “environment is not what it used to be” and that the Marina Engine industry is trying to mitigate damage.

“That’s the issue.

You’ve got to have the right amount of vessels,” Dr Henson said.”

We are worried about it, but that’s the way it’s happening.”

Marina engine engineers have been working to manage the spill and assess the damage.

The engineers said the Mariante spill was the biggest marine engine failure in the history of the industry.

“It’s been very stressful.

We’re working through that very quickly.

We’ve had a very good response to it,” Dr Wylie Henson, marine engine engineer, said.

The engineer said the worst part of the spill was being able to work with the ship operators to determine how long it will take for the ship to be able to dock in Port Douglas.

“You’ve got all of the ship in PortDouglas and they’ve got a bit of time to recover from it,” he said.

Dr Henson and his team are assessing the damage to the ship.

He said the engine has not been damaged enough to be repaired and that “it’s not going to be very good” for them to work.

The engineering team is working with other engineers on a plan to fix the spill, but it will be a “very long and very difficult process”.

“It will take some time to get through,” he warned.

“I think the ship is going to get damaged enough that it’s going to need to be removed from PortDoubles harbour, and we have to have that done.”

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