A watertight marine engine mounts in a vertical position on a surface so that it’s not likely to be damaged by the shockwave generated by the impact of a heavy boat, which would have a negative effect on the engine.

The engine is mounted on the hull using a small-sized rod mounted on a rod bolt.

The engine is then connected to the engine mount with a long, flexible tube that allows for a large surface area to be used.

A new marine engineering course was launched at the University of Exeter in April.

Answering questions from students during the course, Dr Chris Wilson, who is teaching the course said the tube was used to create a “thick layer of sealant” that can withstand the pressure of water flowing into the engine and allow for more efficient operation.

He said a typical engine would require the engine to have at least 50 litres of fuel per day.

“The engine must be designed to work in such a way that it can withstand high-pressure situations, as well as low-pressure conditions,” Dr Wilson said.

Dr Wilson said a number of factors had to be considered when making an engine.

“Firstly, the engine has to have a well-designed hydraulic system that is able to withstand high and low pressures, and secondly, it has to be able to operate in all kinds of water environments,” he said.

“If the water environment is too salty or too cold, the hydraulic system will not work as well.”

Also, the design must be able be scalable in order to allow for the rapid installation of new parts, and for the replacement of parts that fail.

“The course also covers the mechanics of assembling an engine using marine parts, including how to mount the engine in a way to withstand the shockwaves generated by a heavy vessel.

Mr Wilson said the class also explored other aspects of the engineering process, such as the design of the seals, the type of lubricants used and the maintenance of the system.

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