RTE article A new generation of offshore marine engines has been unveiled, with a new design that can be installed underwater and uses less fuel.RTE spoke to marine engineer Simon Weber, who is working on the new engine.

“The new design will be built on an underwater platform and, as it’s an engine, the turbine is not in the water,” he said.

“It will be installed and tested at the seafloor.”

Mr Weber says he expects the engine will be ready for trials within three years.

The new engine is being developed by a company called NuVas, which was established in 2012.

“NuVas has been developing engines for some years now,” he added.

“We developed the engine that is currently being developed at NuVos new engine plant in Tasmania.”

It uses two motors, one from the offshore diesel engine and the other from the petrol engine.

It is designed to operate in both open and closed environments, but will be tested on the seaflooor.

“This new engine will not only be suitable for underwater applications but also for use on land,” Mr Weber said.

Weber says the new technology will make the engine safer, easier to use and more efficient.

“When we put the engine in the sea, it will be more stable and it will have the right fuel consumption,” he explained.

“For example, the fuel consumption will be 30 per cent lower compared to a petrol engine in open conditions.”

Mr Jensen says the design of the new offshore engine will also mean the industry is not limited to offshore engines.

“There is a lot of offshore technology that we are using now and we can now do a lot more offshore,” he says.

“Because of the technology and the safety it will really bring down costs and improve the life of the fleet.”

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