A new marine engineering program for new-build boats could be on the horizon.

The Marine Engines Training Program (METSP) is one of three marine engineering programs to be launched this year in the Greater Victoria Region, and will focus on providing technical skills and equipment to new-built boats.

The Maritime Engineering Training Program is one example of the other two, the marine engine hose program and the marine propulsion and propulsion systems training program.

“We’re looking for the most qualified applicants that are looking to learn how to use these marine propulsion systems,” said marine engineering and engineering design student James Fong.

“That’s what we want to do in this program.”

For those who want to apply, Fong said there are plenty of options available to those who are interested in applying for a marine propulsion system, including:There’s a free online application process for those who would like to learn about the marine engines program, and the first two classes of applicants will be able to apply on Friday, May 11.

Applicants will be assessed on their qualifications and skills, and then a team will assess them on their performance and qualifications.

“It will be based on a two-day course, so we’re looking to see whether you can do it, and if so, how long you can work on it,” Fong explained.

“Then we’ll do a background check and if you can pass the background check, you’ll be considered to get in.”

For applicants who are already working on the program, Fung said they will be sent a resume and cover letter.

“I’m not sure what we’re doing to make sure that we’re hiring the best candidates,” he said.

“There’s not a lot of information out there, so that’s where we’re trying to do this, and make sure we’re getting the best people for our program.”

The marine engine water hoses are a small, portable hose that can be attached to the hull of a boat to provide power for the propulsion system.

It can also be used for the marine generator system.

Fong said the program is being designed around the needs of boats, and he hopes the program will have a positive impact on the industry.

“This program is designed to provide students the opportunity to learn new technologies and to have a hand in their future careers,” he explained.

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