Textron Marine Engineering, a marine engineering startup, has developed a mobile app that helps users monitor and tune their marine engines.

The app, which can be used on any Android device, will provide the user with an intuitive and useful tool to tune their engines.

Textron Marine Engines uses a proprietary software development kit that is optimized for mobile devices, but can also be used for other mobile applications, like web browsing, social media, or voice commands.

The company says that the app’s user interface is designed to be simple to use and intuitive, which helps it achieve this goal.

Textron’s mobile app is built to work with iOS and Android, and will be available to download by the end of April.

The app will be a companion to Textron Labs, a software development tool that provides a wide range of data to its users, including engine data and information for each of its engines.

Textrons engineers have also worked with the company to develop an app that will allow users to monitor their marine engine’s performance.

The company has been developing the app since 2016, and was able to build a prototype of it earlier this year.

The team was able, however, to get the app to work on Android devices because of the nature of Android’s hardware.

Textroins engineers were able to get this app to run on devices that were running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

“Android phones run Android Marshmallow, and Textron was able get this to work by developing a separate app that runs on those devices,” says John DePinho, CEO of Textron.

“This allows us to work directly with our customers to ensure the best user experience.”

While Textron has built a tool that will be useful to many users, it also offers an opportunity for users to try out the company’s technology and develop their own engine tuning tools.

“We want to be sure that this app is not a replacement for an engine shop, or a hobbyist’s toolkit,” says DePibu.

“Textron offers a unique opportunity to give people an opportunity to explore this technology and to build an engine that they can control with their hands.”

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