In the summer of 2016, a diesel-powered, five-seater jetliner operated by Qatar Airways made an emergency landing on the Gulf of Oman, sparking a massive international investigation into the cause of the disaster.

Qatar had originally said it was not responsible for the accident, but now, according to reports, the company has admitted it did play a role.

The plane had been on a training mission over the Persian Gulf, and had been refueled when it became unresponsive.

The jetliner’s engines were operating normally when it lost power.

Qatari authorities had previously said the jetliner had been operated by a maintenance company in the United Arab Emirates.

Now, according a report by the Financial Times, they say Qatari engineers may have been at fault, which could lead to a further investigation into whether Qatari regulators were aware of the engine problems.

QATAR AIRLINES ENGINE QUALITY REPORTS AND REQUESTING INVESTIGATIONS In the past, Qatari officials have been criticised for being slow to report engine problems, and often not even disclosing them to regulators.

The country has also been criticized for paying out big bonuses to people who failed to report safety incidents.

However, according on the reports, Qatar may have done more than just report the problem, according the Financial News.

The airline’s internal investigation is reportedly ongoing, and the report is expected to be released soon.

In an interview with the newspaper, a Qatari official said the airline was aware of issues with the engines, and would not take the matter to authorities.

However it may be a step too far, according Qatari news outlet Al Jazeera.

“The Qatari government does not know the extent of the problem and therefore it has no option but to ask the international aviation authority to investigate,” the report said.

QANATI AIRLINERS CHANGE THEIR SIGNAL STANDARD For example, in July 2016, the airline changed its signalling standard, according reports, from one that was “in line with international standards”.

In that case, the changes were intended to protect the safety of the aircraft’s passengers.

QANDA’S NEW EMERGENCY PLAN After the Qatari jetliner disaster, Qandas announced a major emergency plan, including the replacement of the entire fleet.

This meant that the airline had to replace the entire aircraft fleet, as well as many of its engines.

The company said the measures were needed to protect passengers, crew and the environment.

The decision came amid the Arab Spring protests against corruption, and was criticized by international aviation organisations.

QandAs has also announced a number of measures to address the problem.

Among them is a plan to upgrade the safety standards of its aircraft, to reduce pollution and improve air quality.

However this does not appear to be working, according Reuters.

According to the latest Reuters report, QANDAS HAS A PROBLEM WITH MIGRATING BANKS As a result of the accident Qandassa Airways has been forced to change its signalling standards.

This means that it has to upgrade its engine, its passenger cabin, and its engines to comply with the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) standard.

However as this is a long-term project, it may not be implemented for a long time.

QADAR AIRLINE TO PAY OUT $6M TO INVESTORS WHO COULD HAVE COLLAPSED In an attempt to reduce its exposure, Qaidas is reportedly now paying $6 million to people, including people with ties to Qatar, who could have lost their jobs due to the accident.

The Qatari Investment Company (QIC) has also reportedly paid out $3.6 million in compensation to those affected by the accident and is working to help the affected individuals recover their lost wages.

QIC HAS A PLAN TO TAKE OUT MORE PROFITQatar has also offered to pay out more money to people whose money was affected by Qatari state officials.

The money would be paid to Qatari investors who have been working in Qatar for more than five years, according TOEI.

“Qatari investors should not worry,” said a Qandaras spokesperson.

“We have already been working hard with the Qatar Investment Corporation (Qic) and the government to get the money to them.”

However, the QIC did not confirm the details of the plan, nor did it say how it plans to use the money.

It is also unclear what the Qandasar plan will mean for Qatari businesses, which have been struggling with the financial crisis.

It has not been announced if Qandashas is willing to offer any compensation to its customers, or if it will provide a detailed account of what it has done.

As of March, Qantas had $2.5 trillion in debt, according ToEI, which means that the Qaidassa plan could have a huge impact on the Qorba

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