article A solar powered sailboat is being developed by a team of marine engineers from the UK and US to explore the world’s oceans and the possibilities for powering our boats.

The solar powered vessel has been designed to take advantage of a number of areas in the ocean including the ocean floor, which contains a wide variety of organisms, and the seafloor, which is home to many species of marine life.

The team at Marine Engineers and Science Society (MESSA) have been working to develop the sailboat for more than five years, and have been able to take the design further by applying their experience to the development of the world-class sailboat, The Sea Dragon.

The first prototype has been built to date and it has already been tested successfully at sea.

The project is one of the first solar powered boats ever built and the designers hope to build a fleet of more than 20 solar powered vessels.

This means that solar powered vehicles could become the primary mode of transport for people on the oceans.

As solar powered ships are only able to carry enough power for about a day’s work, they would be ideal for the large areas of the oceans that are very dry and have very few fish and crustaceans.

The engineers at Marine Engineering and Science are working with the UK-based Marine Engineering Society to design the sail and build the structure of the sail, which includes two main sections.

The upper section consists of a floating structure with a hull of solar powered fabric, while the lower section consists just of an aluminium skeleton.

The two sections are bonded together using high temperature and pressure steel.

The lower section of the hull is the propulsion system and consists of four electric motors mounted on the sides of the boat, while at the bottom is the solar powered propeller.

The propulsion system is powered by the electric motors and provides the power needed to move the vessel forward and back.

When the propulsion systems are running, they will be able to provide the electrical power needed for the entire sailboat.

This electrical power will then be used to provide propulsion for the solar-powered boat.

The power system is mounted on a specially designed platform, with the entire platform suspended on the underside of the ship.

The boat has an electric motor that runs on an alternating current (AC) system that provides the current needed to drive the propulsion motors.

The system is capable of delivering up to 600 volts of current through a copper wire, which then travels to the electric motor.

The batteries on the boat will be used for the propulsion and are stored in the solar panel on the rear of the solar panels.

In order to operate the propulsion, the electrical system has to be powered by a solar panel mounted on top of the vessel.

The electrical system is then connected to the solar battery in the boat using an electric connection.

The ship is also powered by solar panels on top and bottom of the deck.

The sail is powered through a combination of two batteries that provide up to 400 volts of electrical power.

Each battery can be used at a time and the batteries can be switched on and off at any time, allowing for a continuous supply of power to the ship and its crew.

When it comes to the water, the engineers have found that the water is one area in which the solar power can be applied to the most benefit.

This is because the seawater can be heated by the solar system and the solar cells in the sail will be designed to heat the seawate as the boat moves.

These panels are then mounted on both the bottom and top of a boat, and when the boat is moving, the solar energy from the solar PV panels heats up the seawat to make it more buoyant and help it move forward.

When a boat is on the water the solar water heating system will be activated and the sail is able to propel itself through the water.

In addition, a special system is in place to help the solar sail maintain a stable position in the water as it is being pulled forward.

The design of the sails also includes a watertight mesh that prevents the solar cell from leaking into the water while the sail moves.

The designers are working on adding more solar cells to the sail to increase the efficiency of the propulsion in order to reduce the overall cost.

The next step for the team is to build the first sailboat to be tested at sea, and they hope to begin the construction in the coming months.

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