A tidal engine could help to power ships and submarines, power electricity generation, and power industrial equipment, according to a new paper by engineers from the University of Southern California and Duke University.

The tidal engine is a type of electric propulsion system that could potentially power ships, boats, and submarines.

The technology, which relies on a chemical reaction that produces electrical energy, is known as “tidal,” but it’s a much smaller, simpler and less expensive form of electric power.

It also doesn’t require a large battery or a massive ship.

The engine has been used in the past to power boats, planes and other vessels, but it has not been practical for powering a fully functioning vessel for decades, said David J. DeStefano, a marine engineering professor at the USC’s school of engineering and Applied Science.

He said that for decades scientists have struggled to make a fully functional tidal engine that could run at sea for the first time.

In the new paper, published this week in the journal Science Advances, DeSteffano and his team build a mechanical, chemical, and electrical engine that runs on seawater.

They found that they could make a tidal engine for a “very modest” $4,000, which is less than half the cost of a conventional engine, according a statement.

The engineers have been working on their design for about three years, and they estimate that it would be capable of powering a boat, a diesel boat, or a nuclear submarine, De Steffano said.

The engine would require only a small battery, a few small pieces of machinery, and a few hundred square feet of space.

The technology could be used for powering electric vehicles, submarines, ships, and other kinds of machinery that require large amounts of power, he said.

A large tidal engine would be ideal for powering ships, De Stefano said, but he said that a small tidal engine might be easier to build, because a small turbine engine costs less to build than a large tidal turbine.

In this image provided by the University, a ship’s hull and hull sides are seen.

The design is similar to a “towel” engine, which could be built to run on water.

It relies on chemical reactions to produce electricity.

In a previous paper published in 2016, De StaFFano’s team proposed a way to make an electric engine using seawater that would work in tandem with tidal energy, but the new team says it is more practical.

The team has built a tidal electric engine that is a lot more efficient than a conventional turbine engine, De Stefano said in a statement on Monday.

The team said that this is a significant advance in tidal power and is a major advance for the technology.”

It is an electric generator, and the only thing that needs to be connected to the engine is water.”

The team said that this is a significant advance in tidal power and is a major advance for the technology.

It’s important to note that the engine does not need to be a fully electric engine because it uses a chemical process called a “chemical condenser,” which is more efficient and safer than chemical reactions, according the statement.

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