On a sweltering morning in the middle of May, I had a plan.

It was an attempt to build one.

The goal was simple: To float a raft in the Gulf of Aden, a massive stretch of ocean that separates East Africa from the Indian Ocean.

I had come to India to help design and build an experimental life raft that would be able to carry people and gear to the surface of the sea.

It is an ambitious idea, but I was determined to succeed.

A raft is essentially a wooden box that floats on water.

A life raft is basically a wooden tube that floats along a river or lake.

The raft is a tube of wooden tube connected to the boat.

The boat then floats.

It all began with the simple idea that the best way to reach the sea was through the water.

In India, the coastline is relatively flat and the ocean is relatively shallow.

A raft would not have the same effect.

The raft’s purpose is to carry supplies to and from the sea, which would allow a person to reach any point on the coast without having to go across rivers and lakes.

The best way of achieving this is through a vertical line, which is essentially an underwater tunnel.

A river or a lake would then provide a water channel through which a raft would be launched.

This would enable a person or boat to cross over any river, and also a raft to be launched on a lake.

A life raft can carry up to eight people.

A typical raft is about 300 metres long and 300 metres wide.

The hull is made of bamboo, which also serves as a structural support.

It has a diameter of around 50 metres and can hold up to 500 litres.

The waterline is located between two horizontal tubes that run parallel to each other.

The waterline connects the hull to the main tube.

It consists of two tubes, one of which is located just below the top of the main hull.

This tube connects to a small, vertical hatch on the raft.

This hatch provides ventilation for the raft, which can be submerged to reduce the heat produced by the heat of the sun.

The hatch is attached to the bottom of the raft and can be opened for the person or vehicle to enter the raft with ease.

The two vertical tubes are connected by a long, steel tube.

This is the main anchor.

The main anchor connects the main tubes and connects them to each of the tubes.

The anchor is made up of steel, and is anchored to the raft by two steel rods.

The anchors can be easily moved to different points on the hull and are held in place by a small hook attached to one end of the anchor.

This hook is held in the main hook by the person, and can also be pulled to change the anchor position.

The two hooks are held together by a chain attached to each end of one of the rods.

The boat is anchored by two ropes.

The ropes are anchored to two steel ropes.

The rope is tied to the anchor by two chains.

The anchor is attached with four steel rods, which are attached to two iron hooks.

The rods are held by a rope and attached to a rope-like chain.

The chain is attached on each end to the hook.

The hooks are tied to ropes and are anchored with chains.

The main hook is tied with a rope attached to it.

The tether on the tether is attached by a string that runs around the boat, tied to a hook on the boat and attached by the anchor to the tether.

The anchors are secured by a pair of ropes.

These ropes are attached by two strings, and are tied by the main and tether anchors.

The tether and the main hooks are attached in a way that prevents the tether from coming off.

A single rope can be attached to both the main anchors, which prevents them from coming loose.

The person or vessel that is going to use the raft is required to be able stand on one of these anchor points and hold it up to the waterline, without being dragged along the surface.

The person or ship is then able to float, with the assistance of a rope, on the water, without having their hands or feet touch the surface, in a very comfortable manner.

It is not easy to build life rafts, but this was not difficult.

I started by drilling holes in the hull of the boat with a hand drill and drilling a hole through the main anchorage of the two tubes.

I also drilled a hole in the anchor of the four steel hooks and secured the ropes to them.

Then I drilled a small hole in one of those anchors and drilled a smaller hole in it.

Then, I drilled two holes in both the anchor hooks and the rope.

I then drilled a long hole in both of the anchors.

This was done to allow the rope to be tightened to the steel rod.

I then drilled two smaller holes in each of these anchors, and secured them with the rope-style chain.

I secured the raft to the other two anchors with a

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