The U.K.’s Royal Navy is facing a shortage of marine engineers because of an aging fleet.

It’s a challenge that has been compounded by a high-profile maritime disaster that has made it difficult for British officials to hire the needed engineers to help them build ships.

The Royal Navy has struggled with an aging shipbuilding fleet in the past two decades and has had to rely on foreign contractors, who typically have fewer qualifications than British engineers.

As a result, the navy has had trouble hiring new marine engineers to replace older ones.

But the Royal Navy wants to find more qualified recruits.

On Monday, the Royal Naval Academy announced plans to create a special school for marine engineering students, a move that has caused consternation among other British governments.

“There are many things we want to do with marine engineering in this country, but this is the first time we are setting up a new school specifically for marine engineers,” said Royal Navy Chief of Naval Staff Rear Admiral Jonathan Green.

Green said the academy has been searching for marine architects for about a year and has secured a new partner for the academy to design the new school, but it’s unclear when the new academy will start building the school.

According to the academy, the new college will offer more than 200 undergraduate and graduate courses.

Royal Navy Chief Scientist, Lieutenant Commander David Brown, said in a statement that the academy was “committed to increasing the number of marine engineering graduates in the Royal Military Academy and to ensuring that the Royal Marines remain one of the best-trained and most capable combatant navies in the world.”

Brown said the school will help the Royal Marine Corps attract a “more capable, skilled and experienced workforce for the future.”

The academy also said it will build a Marine Engineering Centre to teach the school’s students the techniques and skills required to work on ships.

The academy, which is part of the Royal U.N. and has a strong history of marine science and engineering, said it hopes to expand its marine engineering program in the coming years.

Brown also said the new marine engineering school would allow the academy “to continue to develop the next generation of marine scientists and engineers.”

For now, the academy’s new school is focused on creating new recruits for the Royal Engineers, the Marines, and other specialized units that will help build Britain’s fleet of ships, aircraft and submarines.

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