How the U.S. Navy used a $7 billion marine engine to defeat an ISIS-inspired terrorist plot

The Navy’s $7.5 billion Marine Engine Surveillance System (MEES) is the most advanced anti-terrorism tool in the U-S.

arsenal, according to a new report.

The $4.4 billion MEES system, the first in the Navy’s fleet, is an advanced underwater drone capable of scanning a large area at a time for underwater threats and is designed to track a variety of threats including improvised explosive devices, cruise missiles, cruise missile submarines and surface-to-air missile threats.

“We are extremely pleased with the work of our Navy partners to develop this system and to advance the technology to meet the ever-changing threat landscape,” Vice Admiral Michael Korsmeyer, the Navy Undersea Warfare Systems Program commander, said in a statement.

“The MEES platform is the first of its kind and represents a key element in our global maritime security strategy to address the growing threat of ISIL and other emerging threats.”

The MEIS system, which has been developed in partnership with the Navy and Marine Corps and is being tested by the Navy, was initially deployed to the USS George H.W. Bush and was deployed on the USS Kidd during the Gulf War in 1991.

The MEis was originally developed by the UESA in 2009 to provide the Navy with a capability to track and detect potential threats to its Navy and U.N. missions.

In 2015, the MEis became operational for the UCS-7 destroyer, USS George HW.

Bush, and was later used to track the submarine USS Lassen and to track U.K. submarine HMS Dauntless.

The program was awarded to the Navy in December 2016, and it will remain operational until the end of 2020.

The Navy said it is working with industry partners to further develop the MEIS and develop a future program that is able to support the evolving threat environment.

The system was built with a total cost of $3.3 billion.

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