The U.N. Working Group on Marine Engineering (WGM) released its report on marine engineering on Tuesday, and the results are staggering.

The report found that marine engineering engineers earn an average of $23,937 per year on average.

Engineers with a Bachelor’s degree are earning $43,847 per year, while those with Master’s degrees earn $76,093 per year.

The lowest-paying jobs are in petroleum engineering, where engineers earn $8,071 per year and engineering technicians earn $13,069 per year — far below the average salary of $62,715 per year for the same job.

The report also noted that the U.K. is home to some of the highest pay rates in the world, while the U (U.K.) is home of some of its lowest pay rates, which are at $16,852 per year compared to $24,000 for the average wage in the U of A. The study found that the United States was home to the most engineers at the bottom of the pay scale.

The U of S. earned the highest salary per engineer per year at $54,611 per year; the U K. earned $48,945.

The U. K. reported higher salaries for its engineering technicians than for its petroleum engineers.

In 2016, petroleum engineers earned $66,084 per year while petroleum engineers with a master’s degree earned $89,097 per year (the highest wage for petroleum engineers).

The U K., however, reported that the average petroleum engineer earns $62.4 million per year in wages, which is less than the average annual salary for engineers with Master degrees.

The study also said that the highest salaries were earned by engineers with an undergraduate degree or higher, while engineers with no degree earned the lowest salaries.

The highest earners were petroleum engineers earning an average $72,821 per year ($100,854 per year more than the lowest earners), while engineers who had completed secondary school were the lowest paying group at $25,907 per year($31,634 more than lowest earners).

The U of O and the U B were the only countries in the study to have no graduates with Masters degrees.

The average salaries of petroleum engineers were $69,531 and petroleum engineers and engineers with Bachelor’s degrees earned $85,723.