The first electric marine engine is due to be unveiled by a manufacturer in Dubai later this year.

The engine, which could be powered by natural gas, is being developed by the UAE’s Nus Marine Engineering company.

The company says it can create a 5.2kWh/kWh power unit, which is similar to the 5.8kWh in a petrol engine.

It is also expected to be able to produce a maximum of 1.5 tonnes of petrol per day, enough to power the UAE for up to three days at a time.

The UAE has been working to develop an electric marine technology since the 1980s, when the UAE Petroleum Ministry was first approached about a proposed project to develop a battery for oil and gas production.

A study was conducted and a contract awarded to Nus in 2003, and the project was renamed to Nuss Marine Engineering.

It was the first of its kind to have a commercial potential, said Mohamed Zaidi, head of Nus’ energy and marine technology department.

“It’s a very exciting opportunity,” he said.

The first prototype of the Nuss marine engine will be unveiled at the Dubai International Petroleum Show in March.

The Dubai team will test the engine’s performance in the sea, before moving it to a field.

It will then be taken to a research facility in Qatar for further testing.

The project is part of a UAE initiative to explore the potential of natural gas as a renewable fuel.

In 2015, the UAE announced plans to create an industry that could use natural gas for electricity generation.

In a recent press release, Nus said that the company’s aim is to have natural gas in the market within a decade.

“By 2050, the world will need to use 10 times more energy per unit of GDP,” it said.

“That means we need a sustainable and reliable energy source, and this is the first step to achieving that.”

Nus has already invested in several natural gas projects in the UAE, including in the port city of Dammam and the southern port city, Dubai.

While the UAE is still in the early stages of building its own renewable energy sector, it has begun to move forward with the development of offshore wind and solar energy.

In February, it announced a new $10 billion wind energy project in the country’s north, and in November, it signed a $6 billion deal with the Saudi-owned Saudi Aramco for a solar power plant.

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