The ocean is full of marine life and one of its main functions is to provide food for other species.

When these animals die, their skeletons are taken for food and when they’re released into the ocean, they decompose, becoming food for sharks, rays and other marine animals.

It’s also why the ocean is home to so many different types of creatures.

Some species like crabs are carnivores that eat fish, while others like octopuses and lobsters use the ocean for shelter, like in the photo above.

But while these animals are crucial to maintaining a healthy ecosystem, there are other types of organisms that rely on the ocean as their primary food source.

While they may not be as abundant as other species, the ocean provides the life that feeds all of life.

A new study from researchers at the University of California, Davis and the California Institute of Technology has found that many marine organisms use the same type of food as their prey, but use it differently.

This means that many species depend on their prey’s diet to survive.

It also means that some species may be able to eat other species that they can’t.

Researchers have been studying the food web for decades and have learned that some marine organisms rely on both food and prey for survival.

But what does this mean for a marine ecosystem?

A lot, the researchers say.

The study found that some of the species that eat prey like octopus, crustaceans and other sea creatures, are able to use this food as a source of nutrients, and the ability to metabolize and store nutrients allows them to maintain a healthy marine ecosystem.

But some species of marine organisms that prey on other animals and live in the open ocean, like corals, may have trouble using this type of diet because of their reliance on prey.

The new research has also found that fish and crustacean food can be used by some marine animals as an energy source.

For example, researchers found that the larvae of sea urchins can be able use fatty acids from fish and shellfish to help them get energy from their diet.

The researchers also found evidence that some sea animals can metabolize fish and other fatty acids, but only to a limited degree.

The marine organisms in the study are mostly a type of jellyfish called daphnia, and there are a number of species of other marine creatures that live in close proximity to these jellyfish.

The research is published in the journal Nature Communications.

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