Indonesian activists are pushing for an overhaul of the country’s fleet of large ships to save the countrys oceans from global warming.

The plan is to use new technology to control the flow of ocean water and save the environment.

The new technology involves a giant, rotating crane that is capable of pumping water to the sea floor at high speed.

The technology could help Indonesia become a net importer of marine goods and reduce its reliance on foreign oil.

A group of activists from the Indonesian Center for Environmental and Sustainable Development is calling for the use of the crane to be installed on existing ships in the coastal area of Lombok and Lombok Island.

The activists said the crane could be used to help prevent flooding and to speed up the flow in a major city like Jakarta, which they say has a high rate of natural disasters. 

The activists say the technology is possible because of the existing infrastructure of the sea, which can’t withstand the pressure of a large sea-level rise.

They say the new technology can be used in Indonesia to help save the coastal cities of Lomboks and other coastal areas.

The plan, which was endorsed by Indonesia’s National Commission for the Development of Oceanic Resources, comes at a time when climate change is increasingly a concern for Indonesia.

The country has been facing a rising sea level due to climate change and other environmental issues.

It has been in the midst of a massive drought in Lombok, and the water level in Lomboks’ seawater is rising.

The Indonesian government has proposed a 10 percent increase in the number of ships needed to tackle the problem.

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