By James Deutsch and Robert SimmonMay 23, 2018 9:05:06The Mitsubishis Mitsubashi Marine Engine has long been a favorite among the Navy, but its new contract with the Navy could see the company receive a big raise.

The U.S. Navy announced a $12 million contract with Mitsubisch for the development of a new Marine Engine powered by hydrogen.

The engine was developed in collaboration with the U.K.’s Exoskeletons company.

The Mitsuba Marine Engine will be used to fuel the submarine USS Wasp.

It will be based on a Mitsubashima MK-18D3 diesel engine.

It will also have two engines, one of which is powered by water.

The Navy has been interested in Mitsubushi since 2009 when it acquired the Mitsubisha Marine Engineering, a division of Mitsubutsu that made the Mitsuba diesel engines.

The company has been developing diesel engines since the 1970s and developed some of the world’s most advanced diesel engines, including the world-first diesel turbocharged engine that powered the first U.N. aircraft carrier.

The contract includes funding for research and development, product development, and production, according to a Navy press release.

The Mitsuboshis diesel engine is expected to cost about $10 million, according the press release, with a further $3 million for fuel.

The deal is a significant boost for the Mitsubi Marine Engine, which was previously the third-most-expensive diesel engine on the market, according TOEFL tests.

The Navy has spent more than $50 million developing Mitsubushis diesel engines for both submarine and surface ships, and it has been testing them on the USS Wampas, a warship that was commissioned in 2017.

Mitsubishi has been building submarines since the late 1960s and has a long history of producing diesel engines on a wide variety of vessels, including submarines, aircraft, and cruise ships.

It also produces diesel engines in the U-Mitsume, the second-largest class of diesel engines at Mitsubase, and Mitsubachi’s own Mijit.

The diesel engine has been used in Japan’s nuclear-powered Type 01 submarine and for the Uyghur-Burmese hybrid nuclear submarine.

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