A new marine engine with more than 100hp and a 5-foot sail, courtesy of Lycoming

A new high-power marine engine that could be powered by a propeller could save the lives of hundreds of people each year and potentially reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 15 per cent, according to a report from marine engineering research company Lycoming.

The company says the prototype is designed to work with a rotax turbine, a power source that can be used to power a boat in an emergency.

The ship is equipped with a turbine that could generate as much power as 30 times the amount of electricity that it consumes in a day, and as much electricity as a car.

The design would allow for a larger hull that would allow it to be lighter and more efficient in the water, while the turbine would be quieter, said the report.

While the turbine is not a new technology, it’s the first of its kind to be developed by a commercial company.

It’s the latest in a growing trend of marine engines that use turbines to power large boats.

A similar marine engine could be built for less than $10,000 and can be built using parts that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

“There are more than 200 types of marine propulsion systems out there, so this is a pretty big leap forward,” said Robert Fitch, president of the American Institute of Marine Engineers, a trade association for marine engineers.

The Lycoming marine engine uses a new type of turbine that uses water-based electricity, and a rotor that is made from a type of metal called titanium.

It’s made of aluminum, titanium and other materials that are extremely strong.

“The way this one works is it’s designed to be more efficient, but it’s also lighter,” said Tom Janssen, senior vice-president for the engineering division at Lycoming Marine Engines.

“A lot of what we do at Lyaming is based on water, so there’s no friction,” he said.

“You can imagine if you had a jet engine, it would be more powerful, but you would have a huge amount of drag,” he added.

The lycoming engine uses water for the energy, and water is more efficient at producing power than steam.

“You get a big boost from the efficiency of the water you use,” Jansson said.

The engine would also have an energy return on energy investment that is about a third the efficiency that steam engines have, which makes it easier to use and safer to operate.

The prototype is in the preliminary design stage, and Lycoming is working on a full-scale version that could start commercial production by 2020.

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